Team 361 Referral Programme - Partnership Agreement

Thank you for your interest in Team 361’s Referral Programme. Please take a look at the agreement below for your reference. Simple words instead of complicated lawyer’s jargons are used here for your easy comprehension.

Here are some of the important terms & conditions which are essential to help you to earn more referral fees.

Terms We Use

Referrer: That will be you, being someone who refers a potential client to Team 361.

Referee: Someone who has been referred by you, also known as the ‘Ultimate Client’.

Referral Commission: The monetary reward earned by you.

Partnership: This Referral Programme between you and Team 361

Ways of Referring Customer

Unique Link (preferred)

You will receive a unique URL which you may share with your potential Referee. You or your Referee shall simply fill up the form and indicate the areas of interest. Team 361 will receive a notification once the form is completed and we will be able to know that this is your referral. 

This will be how we track your referral. You may log in to view your referral status.


You may also send an introduction email to

Instant Messaging (WhatsApp/SMS)

You may also send an introduction text using instant messaging services such as whatsapp or SMS.

Please note that email and instant messaging requires manual tracking and hence, we encourage you to update your referrals using the unique link given. 

Referral Eligibility 

A referral will be deemed void if you and Referee are related, for example:

  1. You refer your own company
  2. You refer the company which you are working for or to a related company within the group
  3. Husband and wife relationship, one of whom owns or runs the company

Team 361 has the sole discretion in determining the referral eligibility and to void the referral. No commission will be paid if referral is deemed void.


You will earn a Referral Commission when a referral is successful and the invoice is fully paid for.

The Referral Commission is priced at 10% of the total invoice. Prevailing taxes (eg. GST) will not be eligible for Referral Commission.  

Only software related items and services, i.e. software subscription, software setup, training and support are eligible for Referral Commission. IT hardware & hardware installation services (if any) will not be eligible for Referral Commission. 

Commission Payment

Upon full payment received from the Referee, Referral Commission will be paid to the Referrer. 

Commission will be paid to Referrer within 15 days upon receiving a complete invoice from you and all other payment conditions are satisfied. 

Referral Validity 

Each Referral shall have a 90 days validity from the date of the referral. No commission shall be paid should the Referee decided to purchase from Team 361 after 90 days of referral.

However the referral validity can be requested by you to be extended for another 60 days if you are able to persuade the Referee to relook into the software project. Approval of the extension request is solely at the discretion of Team 361.


You shall not disclose confidential information such as the software pricing, service details, promotion package details, grants details, implementation methodology & etc. to any party except to the referee. 

You shall not disclose any confidential information during the Partnership and for another 12 months after termination of the Partnership. 


Team 361 will only offer software solutions to the referee and will not be competing with your business activity unless it is approved by you. 

Changes & Termination

Team 361 reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions of this Partnership agreement by giving a 30 days’ notice. It is deemed that you will agree to the new revision should Team 361 not receive your objection in writing within this period. 

Either party may terminate this Partnership by giving 30 days’ notice in writing.