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Join Us for Rewarding Referrals!

Welcome to Team 361 Referral Programme!

We are a pre-approved vendor under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), representing Xero, ABSS (fka MYOB) and many other digital solutions such as HR, inventory, point-of-sale systems etc.

Are you from an IT company? Accounting or Bookkeeping firm? A freelance accountant? Or best of all, are you an “octopus” with many wide-reaching business networks? We are looking for you!

Come join our Team 361 Referral Programme to earn rewarding commission fees of at least 10%! We can provide immediate solutions for your contacts who have business needs for Accounting and HR, as well as Inventory and POS etc.

We believe in forging strong and lasting relationships with our valued partners for a beneficial win-win. Once you are on board our referral programme, we will share with you all the exciting updates about the latest digital solutions and government grants that are available in the market. This will boost your capacity for referrals and ultimately you get to earn more!

Come join us and let’s get started to refer now!

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